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Whole Body Vibration or WBV was first researched by Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov for aiding astronauts and cosmonauts in the reduction of muscle mass loss and bone density loss during space flights.

Today it is used by top athletes in state of the art facilities, doctors in physical therapy centers and clients in elite fitness centers to name a few places.
The Benefits of using Power Step Plus
1. Increased muscle tone
2. Increased muscle strength
3. Increased muscle mass
4. Increased flexibility
5. Increased bone density
6. Increased postural control
7. Reduction of joint pain
8. Reduction of training time
9. Reduction of body fat levels
10. Reduction of cellulite
11. Improves metabolism
12. Lowers some stress hormones
13. Improves circulation
14. Fewer varicose veins
10 minute session                                         $3.00
Five 10 minute sessions                             $13.50
Ten 10 minute sessions                              $25.00

20 minute session                                         $5.00
Five 20 minute sessions                            $22.50
Ten 20 minute sessions                             $45.00

Unlimited 20 minute sessions per month  $55.00